rFactor2 DTM ’91 v3.0 Update


v3.0 Update Changelog:

  • Added new Physics version selection to the Upgrade menu. Because of the many different feedback about the last update. So now you can select the v2.0 version of the mod, the most recently released v2.5, and the newest v3.0 version. (The v3.0 using the v2.0 tyre grip and the v2.5 tyre wear, and in terms of aero, is it between the v2.0 and v2.5)
  • Added tyre version name for the slick tyre to easily check which verison is selected, and also easily check the tyre version in the log files
  • Renamed car No. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 files, because in-game at the results screen the game mixed up the preview images
  • Added Brake change to Pitmenu, so now it possible to change brake via pitstop
  • Recalculated brake wear (one set of brake enough for about 500km)
  • Replaced “last lap” display to “current lap” on the laptimer

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