rF2 – F40 LM v1.5 Update Released

rF2 – F40 LM v1.5 (2023.05.13.)

Latest version is v1.5 Released: 2023.05.13.

v1.5 Update Changelog:

  • Tweaked collision model
  • Added AO map for exterior window
  • Repaint all window (changed diffuse and alpha colour)
  • Added own interior window (banner) for all cars
  • Resaved textures and liveries to BC7 format
  • Rebaked AO maps for textures and carbody
  • Updated display shader and emissive settings
  • Updated dashboard light shader settings (day and night emissive)
  • Updated sound from sfx to new Json file format
  • Added brake change option to pitmenu
  • Tweaked headlight colour and range on the track
  • Fixed brake and exhaust glow

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