rFactor2 TCR ’19 v2.0 Update

v2.0 Update Changelog:

  • Rerendered Carbody AO maps
  • Updated sounds to mono samples and json format
  • Fixed mirror UV map
  • Repainted all exterior window (changed diffuse and alpha colour)
  • Added AO map for exterior window
  • Tweaked window exterior shader
  • Tweaked tire shader
  • Added interior window extra texture with their own name and numbers
  • Added AI RCD file
  • Tweaked AI Speed
  • Tweaked some steering lock angle and steering torque
  • Replaced “best lap” display to “current lap”
  • Tweaked default setup (brake bias, brake duct etc.)
  • Adjusted brake heating and wear for Sprint Specification (brake lifetime is around 70-100km,it depends on the usage, brake bias setting and brake duct setting)
  • Slightly tweaked fuel consumption
  • Reduced aero downforce, and increased bodyaero drag
  • Reduced tyre grip, and increased tyre wear and heating for Sprint tyre.  (lifetime is around 60-80km, it depends on the usage)
  • Increased drivetrain loss from 6% to 10%
  • Tweaked physical damage
  • Added brake change option for pitmenu
  • Adjusted BoP settings, all cars using the same BoP settings by default (70mm ground clearance, 100% engine power, 0kg Ballast, 60kg Compensation Weight)
  • Added Endurance Upgrade, which includes the following:
    • New Endurance Soft and Hard Tire (physically and visually)
    • Added onboard adjustable ABS
    • Added customizable BoP
    • Adjusted pit time for Endurance race
    • Adjusted brake wear for Endurance race (lifetime is around 9 hours, it depends on the usage, brake bias setting and brake duct setting, and if you overheat the brake, it decrease the lifetime of the brake)

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