rF2 – F40 LM

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rF2 – F40 LM v1.6 (2023.05.15.)



rF2 – F40 LM v1.6 (2023.05.15.)

Latest version is v1.6 Released: 2023.05.15.

v1.6 Update Changelog:

  • fixed veh file hidden issue (now possible to create online server)

v1.5 Update Changelog:

  • Tweaked collision model
  • Added AO map for exterior window
  • Repaint all window (changed diffuse and alpha colour)
  • Added own interior window (banner) for all cars
  • Resaved textures and liveries to BC7 format
  • Rebaked AO maps for textures and carbody
  • Updated display shader and emissive settings
  • Updated dashboard light shader settings (day and night emissive)
  • Updated sound from sfx to new Json file format
  • Added brake change option to pitmenu
  • Tweaked headlight colour and range on the track
  • Fixed brake and exhaust glow


F40 LM 1992 Spec:

  • 1050kg
  • 720HP
  • 706Nm
  • 2,6bar turbo pressure
  • dashboard light
  • 2.9l V8 twin-turbo engine
  • 30 liveries (4k IBL shader)
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper
  • rain fx
  • new UI preview pictures
  • Most of the materials using the new IBL Standard shader
  • two type of rims (with genstring option you can choose between 8 colours)
  • Chassis Flex

3 reviews for rF2 – F40 LM

  1. Francisco Javier González Prieto (verified owner)

    I dont have words. This car is absolutely amazing, improves the feeling of the official rf2 cars, i think that its one of the best that i had test ever… and this kind of cars are not usual in rf2, keep on working Tommy , you are the best modder that i know. Greetings from Spain!

    • Tommy78

      Thanks Francisco for the review. I am glad you enjoyed the car. Thanks again!

  2. Christian Stadtmüller (verified owner)

    I drive now rFactor 2 a bit over one year, many cars and tracks. tommy78 make some mods here, don’t know how and by whom he has the car physical informations to make such mods. I drove the F40 now a little in Spa, Road America and the new Daytone. Its amazine to drive this car ! when you read about ths real car you can feel the “real reviews” in rFactor 2 while driving this mod. Very good handling, careful with the throttle 🙂 You did a amazing good job here tommy.

  3. expositoseb (verified owner)

    Vraiment top ce véhicule, après l’avoir piloté sur plusieurs versions, elle est très bien réussite très réaliste, super FFB un son génial, à avoir dans sont garage.

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