rF2 – F40 LM

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rF2 – F40 LM v1.2



rF2 – F40 LM v1.2 (updated 2021.01.23.)

  • 1050kg
  • 720HP
  • 706Nm
  • 2,6bar turbo pressure
  • dashboard light
  • 2.9l V8 twin-turbo engine
  • 30 liveries (4k IBL shader)
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper
  • rain fx
  • new UI preview pictures
  • Most of the materials using the new IBL Standard shader
  • two type of rims (with genstring option you can choose between 8 colours)
  • Chassis Flex

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  1. Francisco Javier González Prieto (megerősített tulajdonos)

    I dont have words. This car is absolutely amazing, improves the feeling of the official rf2 cars, i think that its one of the best that i had test ever… and this kind of cars are not usual in rf2, keep on working Tommy , you are the best modder that i know. Greetings from Spain!

    • Tommy78

      Thanks Francisco for the review. I am glad you enjoyed the car. Thanks again!

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