Assetto Corsa DTM ’89 v2.5 Update

Assetto Corsa DTM 1989 2.5 Detailed Update Changelog:

  • Repaint all exterior and interior windows (Changed the base colour of the glass, and the alpha colour also, and reduced the brightness of the dashboard reflection.)
  • Replaced the wrong rim type on the RS500 car No. 30-31-32. It used the big chrome lip BBS 20 spokes rim, but these three cars used the small metal lip BBS 20 spokes rims, like on some M3Evo. (also replaced the preview images with the new rims)
  • Added a new headlight sticker for RS500 and replaced the shader blending mode to render in front of the headlight glass
  • Fixed BMW ext_config files caused CTD
  • Removed adjustable rear wing settings where it was available
  • Removed the complete rear wing aero from the Supra
  • Removed ABS from the M3
  • Tweaked some brake torque and brake bias default settings
  • Tweaked aero base settings
  • Tweaked FFB mult settings
  • Tweaked steer assist settings
  • Tweaked some rev light  rpm settings
  • Fixed RPM damage threshold
  • Adjusted tyre sound volume
  • Added 10kg for the Mustang
  • Added 50kg for the Kadett
  • Increased rev limit to 9.300 on the Kadett
  • BoP (balanced the performance on all cars, aero and tyre balance)

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