rFactor2 DTM ’91 v2.0 Update

rF2 DTM 1991 2.0 Detailed Update Changelog:

  • All sounds updated from SFX to the new JSON sound
  • Added wiper and marbles sound
  • Reduced the rumble effect volume to fix the problem which was present with the old SFX file while driving through on the rumble.
  • Added DTM_1991 prefix for the car class in the vehicle files. In this case you’ll see all DTM ’91 cars next to each other.
  • Added AO spec map for exterior window
  • Tweaked shader settings for exterior window
  • Repaint all exterior and interior window (Changed the base colour of the glass, and the alpha colour also, and reduced the brightness of the dashboard reflection.)
  • Fixed wrong undertray params.
  • Updated and added some IBL Shaders
  • Renamed M3Evo to the correct ’91 name M3SportEvo
  • Fixed showing wrong engine size the M3 (2.3L) instead of the correct 2.5L
  • All liveries and some other textures saved to BC7 format instead of DXT
  • Changed Mirror.bmp to 2048×128 res.
  • Adjusted mirror position in the cockpitinfo files
  • Adjusted Mirror UW map

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