rF2 DTM ’91 v1.3 Update released

rF2 DTM ’91 v1.3 Release notes:

  • Added own interior banner for all cars, and reworked the alpha layer on the previous versions
  • Removed old undershadow object
  • Added new car shadow object for all cars
  • Reworked interior glass reflection and tweaked shader settings
  • Tweaked center mirror UV on all cars
  • Tweaked fuel consumption on all cars for the ’91 race length
  • Fixed missing hood from cockpit view
  • Fixed wheel position in showroom
  • Fixed 190Evo2 preview UI name
  • Fixed car flickering at night
  • Corrected undertray params on all cars
  • Tweaked and changed some shader to IBL Standard
  • Re-saved some texture to BC5 and BC7 new standard for experimental purpose
  • Added Ultrachassis for all cars (still experimental)
  • Tweaked some aero, tire, suspension settings to balance the performance between the cars.
  • maybe more…

The BoP created mostly for online racing, not for offline with the AI, but already tested on some track with the AI and the AI performance was very track related, but mostly the V8 Evo and the Mustang GT were the two slowest car on the grid. But i did the same laptime with all cars. The gap within the laptimes was around a few tenths, but ut depend on the track as well. The new Ultrachassis still experimental. The feeling was different, but i don’t know which version is better at the moment, and all 5 cars characteristics are really different.

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