AC DTM ’91 v1.2 Update released

AC DTM ’91 v1.2 Release notes:

  • Added own interior banner for all liveries
  • Added 3 gearset for all cars, short, standard and long final ratio, default is the standard
  • Added refraction headlights for all cars
  • Fixed tire and rim radius on all cars
  • Fixed tank capacity in the setup for the Mustang and the V8 Evo
  • Fixed blurred object parameters on all cars
  • Replaced the placeholder suspension geometry on the first three cars, now all cars using their own geometry
  • Increased the brightness of the exterior banner and glass diffuse
  • Decreased the brighness and specular settings of the interior glass
  • Reworked lights texture and shader on the Mustang, V8 Evo and Evo500
  • Reworked default setups on all cars
  • Reworked setup ranges and steps for toe, camber, ARB, spring, and ride height
  • Tweaked some camera position, and lights settings
  • Tweaked drivetrain loss in power.lut on all cars
  • Tweaked some aero, tire grip, weight, engine torque curve to balance the performance between the cars.
  • maybe more…

The BoP created mostly for online racing, not for offline with the AI, but already tested on some track with the AI and the AI performance was very track related.

Here is the results after driving 2093km (include to setup the cars, tweaked default setup, suspension setup and BoP). All laptimes driven with full default setup. So it can be improve of course.


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