rF2 WTCR 2018 v1.4 Update + P308 TCR Released

The new v1.4 Update is here, and below you can read what’s new:

  • added new car P308 GTI TCR (finally this is the last in this mod after 14 month of full progress, and 3 month of rF2 progress through 4 update)
  • fixed VW Golf collision issue
  • fixed VW Golf rear base ride height issue
  • really improved AI rollover (not 100%, but most of the time they are good)
  • improved BoP, closed the performance gap between the cars
  • updated FFB upgrade system, now you have again the old system with 11 option, and the new system with 11 option as well, the range starting from the lightest, which is the Soft (S3-S2-S1), then the Medium (M1-M2-M3-M4) and the Hard (H1-H2-H3-H4) the torque range between 15(H4) and 40(S3), so hopefully you can find the best option for your steering wheel

Have fun, enjoy



3 thoughts on “rF2 WTCR 2018 v1.4 Update + P308 TCR Released

  1. Hope we will be getting the email soon with the update! 😀

    1. Yep, i think you recieve it now.

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