WTCR 2018 rFactor2 v1.3 Update released

New v1.3 released for the six currently released cars.

Release notes:

  • New Endurance Upgrade options (includes Endurance tires, lights, 4-way onboard adjustable ABS, adjusted pit time, engine and brake wear rate)
  • Fixed FFB clipping issue with newer steering wheel, changeable via Steering upgrade (pay attention to select the correct strength to your wheel)
  • improved shaders (window, black metal, black glass, black plastic, chrome, tires, rims)
  • improved IBL vinyl region settings
  • improved some texture, and light glass color and reflection
  • fixed driver position in some cars
  • fixed digital display and rpm led shader and fixid the rpm led range on some cars
  • fixed and now separately adjustable mirros
  • fixed carClass, now display in the results as WTCR 2018, and now you can select the WTCR 2018 and all cars separately as well
  • fixed position LED panel, now shows the current place for all cars, not within brands
  • improved slick and rain tires, added endurance tires
  • recalculated and fixed fuel consumption on all cars
  • maybe some more…

All email sent with the new update, if you did not recieved, please let me know via email.

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  1. Can i get your email adress please

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