rF2 – HCTR TCR 2019


rF2 – HCTR TCR 2019 v1.2




rF2 – HCTR TCR 2019 v1.2 (Updated: 2021.09.23.)

  • 1335kg (with default Season start BoP)
  • 340HP @ 6.200 rpm
  • 420Nm @ 3.800-5.600 rpm
  • 2,7bar turbo pressure (with 100% BoP)
  • 4 (4K) liveries
  • Most of the materials using the new IBL Standard shader
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper
  • rain fx
  • new UI preview picture
  • Adjustable BoP settings via Upgrade: (minimum ride height from 60mm-100mm, engine power from 90%-102,5%, BoP ballast from -60kg to +60kg, compensation weight from 0kg to +60kg)
  • Default BoP settings are the 2019 season start: (min. ride height 80mm, engine power 100%, BoP ballast +10kg, comp. weight +60kg)






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