AC – DTM M3Evo ’89


AC – DTM M3Evo 1989 v2.5 (2023.03.22.)




AC – DTM M3Evo 1989 v2.5 (2023.03.22.)

  • 980kg
  • 316HP @ 8.500 rpm
  • 271Nm @ 7.000 rpm
  • RWD (rear wheel drive)
  • 26 (4K) liveries
  • 3 gearset (short, standard, long)
  • three type of rims (RONAL, and 2 type of BBS 20 spokes) (only visible on track)
  • dynamic lights (turnsignal, reverse, interior hazard light)
  • visual damage with deformable hood damage
  • different headlight glasses (only visible on track)
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper to work properly with CSP

To work properly you have to install:

  • Content Manager
  • SOL 1.5
  • Custom Shader Patch

Most features works only if you are using Content Manager, like different rims, deformable hood, dynamic lights, different headlight glass colour.




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