AC – F40 LM

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AC – F40 LM v1.3  (2022.05.05.)




AC – F40 LM v1.3 (2022.05.05.)

  • 1050kg
  • 720HP
  • 706Nm
  • 2,6bar turbo pressure
  • 2.9l V8 twin-turbo engine
  • 30 liveries
  • dynamic lights (turnsignal, reverse, interior)
  • visual damage
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper to work properly with CSP

To work properly you have to install:

  • Content Manager
  • SOL
  • Custom Shader Patch

Special thanks for @Hillclimber12 for the sound and @x4fab for many new features like CM and CSP.

V1.3 Update: (2022.05.05.)

  • updated config file for CM users
  • Now working the tire texture change from slick to rain, then back. (before it worked when you switched from slick to rain, but when you click again to slick it doesn’t work)
  • added wiper+window config into the extension
  • fixed broken headlight glass shader settings (transparent)
  • fixed wiper blade material
  • removed extended physichs (caused bad behavior for AI)
  • adjusted rod length (now AI use the correct ride height)


AC – F40 LM termékről 2 értékelés

  1. jsbach540 (megerősített tulajdonos)

    Great car.Fun to drive,and good for setting up a BPR championship.

  2. Jonathan Pardo (megerősített tulajdonos)

    5 Stars! This mod is amazing. The engine sound, the physics, car details and liberty excellent work. I’m a big fan of the F40, Especially the legendary LM edition and you all nailed this. It is an absolute joy and blast driving this car around in Assetto Corsa. Worth every penny and I mean that. I really thank you all for putting the time and effort into making this mod so awesome, really! Thank you thank you.

    P.S. I tried several times to select 5 stars but the website star rating is bugged. I tried on my iPhone and even on my pc and the same result. It was only letting me put up to 4 stars. That’s not accurate. My rating is 5stars and this product is well deserving of it.

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