AC – DTM 190E Evo2 ’91

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AC – DTM 190E Evo2 1991 v1.3




AC – DTM 190E Evo2 1991 v1.3 (2022.08.17.)

  • 980kg
  • 340HP @ 8.800 rpm
  • 300Nm @ 7.000 rpm
  • RWD (rear wheel drive)
  • 14 liveries
  • 3 gearset (short, standard, long)
  • two type of rims (O.Z. and 6 spokes Ceginus)
  • dynamic lights (turnsignal, reverse, interior hazard light)
  • visual damage with deformable hood damage
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper to work properly with CSP

To work properly you have to install:

  • Content Manager
  • SOL 1.5
  • Custom Shader Patch

Most features works only if you have Content Manager, like different rims, deformable hood, dynamic lights.



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  1. jsbach540 (megerősített tulajdonos)

    I bought all the 1991 DTM cars,and they are some of my favorite cars ever to race in Assetto Corsa or any other sim.Really great cars.Set up a season with stock and mod tracks.Serious fun.

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