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My nickname is Tommy78. I’m a motorsport and racing simulator fanatic. In hte past i had few races in the real life, but the motorsport is an expensive sport, so i just went back to play online with my friends. In the beginning of 2010 i started to learn modeling, and the middle of February i released my first track to rFactor. We played an IndyCar Championship, and we just replayed the real race calender, but they had a new track on this year, this was Sao Paulo Street Circuit, so that’s why i start to model this track. Of course if i see photos from this track now, it makes me laugh because of the quality, but yeah it was 8 years ago. After that i created two more track, Homestead Miami and Rio 400 both were oval. Few years later i did one more track, Hockenheimring with 5 layout, i released to rFactor2 and Assetto Corsa as well. The first track Sao Paulo it took only 1,5 month, the next to around 3 month each, but the technology and all the simulator games improved every year, more function, higher quality, which increased the time of the creation. It took nearly 2 years to build Hockenheim, that is why it was my last track (maybe). At the same time i moved to building cars instead of tracks. My first “car” was a Race Truck inspired by the best Hungarian driver, Norbert Kiss. I released both for rFactor2 and rFactor1 platform. In the middle of 2014 i started a new project, the Seat Leon Eurocup, and released to Assetto Corsa in December, and to rF1 and rF2 in 2015 January. I moved to my next project, the Audi TT Sport Cup, and i released to rF2 and Assetto Corsa at the end of august. After i had a long break, i started modeling again about few month now. I created the WTCR 2018 Series for rFactor2 and Assetto Corsa. My last finished project was the JGR400 Trophy, which is currently available to rFactor2.

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  1. Hello Tommy I’m a futur seat leon eurocup driver (just for the next race). I’m french so I’m sorry for my bad english. I have a question ! How can I have the seat mod for asseto corsa ? 🙂 Thx

    1. Still I’m working on the car, but now I’m on the last stage, so the release of the car is not too far, after I finish with the complete model I will focus on the physics all three platform where I will release the car.

      1. Can I have your Facebook to talking ?

      2. My Facebook name is Tamas Pongracz, I think you will find 🙂

  2. Hi Tommy
    Just today i played your Seat Leon cup mod for Assetto Corsa and it was an absolute joy!!
    Everything is wonderfull about it! From modelling to physics to shading, the led’s lighting up, just wow!

    I (in comparison to others) have read the readme file and now about the AI being slow at the start of the race, but after that it’s go time.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for making this great mod

    Thank you very much!

    One happy simracer

  3. I can`t install your seat leon in rfactor2 and in the assetto corsa version , gauges dosen´t work

    1. If you can’t install the mod, how you know the gauges doesn’t work?

      1. I tell you I can´t install in rfactor2

        In assetto corsa the install is OK, and work, but the gauges indicators are empty



  4. Hey Tommy, your Seat Leon Eurocup is such a great car! I take part in a league, racing it in rFactor 2 and it’s so much fun, so close racing action! So, my team mates and me have decided to use it also as the header picture for our team homepage… we hope you will also release the TT for rFactor 2!… anyway, keep up the awesome work!

  5. Hi Tommy, i’m the admin of a simracing’s website called repartocorseonline.eu. I see your works and i’d like to know if there is an Audi TT Cup mod for rFactor2.

    Nice Job anyway..

    Giuseppe Calì

    1. I would be there as well.

      1. Hi Tommy!

        Nice work you have here!

        I’m wondering what are the differences from your TCR mod and that in racedepartmant?

      2. I did not check the RD site, but as i know, there is my previuos Seat EuroCup modified by Shaun Clarke to the TCR version. But my one is like the 2018 WTCR, as you see on the Cupra, there’s a few modified parts, front and rear bumper, diffuser, badge, exhaust, front headlight. But i don’t know other tcr mod. I saw in YouTube the Rollover version, but they stole my Cupra, and use it in their mod, plus they used lot of cockpit parts from my Cupra and textures on the other cars.

  6. Hello Tommy,
    First I would like to thank you for you amazing work !
    I just have one question, I have two drivers how are involved in the Ttcup this year, do you think you can send me a beta version for Rf1 to make some test and give you some feedback ?
    Many thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi, I can’t send a beta version, cause the physics still very base, but the main problem, I will not make for rF1. Just for AC and maybe rF2.

  7. Hello Tommy78, loving the work you did to make the Seat.
    Do you have any idea how the Seat compares to the Honda Civic?

    Maybe if they are real close, I can try to convince our team to try your car also.

    Greetings Albert

  8. Hi!

    I would like to ask if you’re ever going to mod for Stock Car Extreme? It is basically revamped and highly updated rFactor (uses the same game engine). Loved your work while I was playing Assetto Corsa. I would LOVE now to see it in SCE 🙂 Please, reply even if it’s a “No”. Cheers 🙂

  9. Szia! Gratulálok az eddigi sim anyagokhoz. Kakucsringet nem tervezed AC-be elkészíteni. Érdekelne! 😉

  10. Hello Tommy78 ,
    first of all, many thanks for the superb work with leons for rfactor1,
    i would like to ask you if i´s possible for you to edit your mod without this:

    “Overwrites default ISI files (Gamedata\Shared and Gamedata\Vehicles)

    rFM folder in Gamdata folder (incorrect location)

    can you please edit, if you do, we can use it in a very largecommunity of sim racing.

    many thanks

  11. Hi ! Nice works ! Can you send a MP please ?
    Thanks see ya

    1. What do you mean MP?

  12. Hi mate,
    first off all your a just a hero doing this audi tt mod. I have one question, since i installed this mod there is this display in the bottom where you can see the position and the gap between the cars. I hope you understand me. I guess it comes from your mod, but i have no freaking idea how to disable it, i guess it isn´t an app. so could you help me with my problem? i didnt found anything on the web.

    1. No, it’s not in my mod. 🙂 The app is there since the game is out. You can disable with the “F9”

      1. oh okay didn´t know that sorry ^^
        But thank you very much for the answer and much more for the TT Cup 🙂

  13. Hi Tommy78, it’s always nice to see fans like you also being good with 3D modeling. I just wanted to tell you that I use your mod of the Hockenheim circuit but unfortunately on AC 1.16 it does not work, would you like to make a good update of the track? It’s an important track of the game, thanks again and keep it up!

  14. hey Tommy, happy to see you back in action!!!
    Sorry for the silly question but…do you plan to update Seatleon Eurocup and Audi TT for rF2?
    I mean, new rain shaders, damage, etc etc
    Would be awesome so I hope yes, I have both mods since day one and I think those are still the best around!
    Regards, Dave

  15. Hello Tommy!

    Remélem ez a pdf segitség lesz az Audihoz 😉

    1. Huhh nagyon szépen köszi!! Ebben minden benne van, gyorsan végigböngésztem. Ha van máshoz is, ne tartsd vissza magad 😉

      1. Amint találok még küldöm. Egyelőre Leon TCR van még. 😉 De Hondara pályázok most. A VW meg majdnem SEAT.

      2. Az Audi is majdnem Seat, de azért el tudnád küldeni, nekem még a korábbi EuroCup-os adataim vannak még. Köszi.

      3. Feltöltöttem ide. A 2015, 2016 és 2017es autó dokujai vannak benne.

      4. Köszi szépen megint!

  16. Welcome back mate, nice to see you still about 🙂

    1. Thanks Shaun 😉

  17. Hello Tommy, I found an error on the hyperlink of the MAN truck download button for rF2. The button links straight to Hockenheim AC download and not the rF2 Man truck download. Any other than that mods are great and keep going :D.

    1. Thanks, i updated with the correct link.

  18. Hi Tommy I made a donation, how do I have cars?

    1. Hi Tommym i have same problem as Crockett, i made a donation, but didnt found any option to download choosed car. Thank you 😉

      1. Because you did the same as Crockett, when you donated you did not mention which car you want. I already sent you an email in the morning about this problem.

  19. Hey Tommy,
    any chance that you will make a full field of tcr cars for rf2? Saw a few AC videos with your cars running, would great to have the tcr at rf2 too.


    1. Hi Thomas,

      First i finish all the cars to AC, and after that i will make the cars for rF2.


      1. Thanks for the info Tommy, great to hear this news. Can’t wait to see any progress on the rf2 tcr project. If you need help with this stuff feel free to send a message.


  20. Hello
    Egyedi festéseket vállalsz?, TCR Europe?

  21. Hello
    Egyedi festéseket vállalsz?

    1. Hello! Mire gondolsz konkrétan?

      1. Megrendelnék tőled pár TCR Europe festést, ha elvállalod. Audi, Hyundai, stb.

      2. És autó nem kell hozzá? Vagy mire használnál egy dds fájlt? Illetve mennyiért gondoltad?

      3. De kell.
        Privátba tudunk beszélni? bejelöltelek steamen, vagy itt szeretnéd megbeszélni ?

  22. Hello, for the download of the complete WTCR mod, how much do I have to donate?

    1. Hi, you can read the info on the download page. If you would like the whole pack (currently 5 cars released from 7) the donation tiers is the X7 which is 14 euros.


  23. Hi Tommy, when purchasing the cars, do they come with templates?

    1. Yes, it comes with template.

      1. Excellent then! i’ve just bought the sent the money for the Audi!

  24. hi, who does the physics for these cars? thanks

    1. Hi, just me.

  25. hi, how can i buy a car from you? thanks!!

    1. Hi, just go to the download section, and simply click the donate button. Then enter the price, which is depend on how many cars would like to buy. You can check the donation tiers to find out which one is good for you.

      1. I have sent a payment for 5 cars, thank you for this amazing work.

      2. I am back home in a few minutes, and will send to you the cars.

  26. hi Tommy,
    is it possible to have the amazing WTCR mod also on rF2 game?
    If is in your plans, explain me, please, how i have to donate you to make this dream real (with templates too).
    Thanks in advance mate, good job!

    1. Hi Teddy,
      Yes it is my plan, i am currently working on the Golf TCR, which is the last car from the WTCR 2018 mod, after i finish, i make all cars to rF2 as well.

      1. Good news mate!
        Thank you very much for your amazing work!

  27. Hi Tommy I made a donation, how do I have cars? honda civic

  28. Hi Tommy
    Why I don’t get any of the TCR content updates?
    When I paid in the beginning of the year (end of January or beginning of February) I got only the 3 cars that were available at that moment, Cupra/RS3/Giulietta. Since then I got nothing. Tried to find a way to contact you but its like a dead end.

    1. Hi,
      What was your email address, i try to find out why you did not get the links, because i sent an email to everyone after every update.

      1. I had only one email notification when you released Civic, but when I followed the link had “ask permission” prompt on the Google drive, and nothing since then.
        Well I guess you figured that out now, as you sent me an email with access to content.

      2. I had two email address from you, so i just sent to your other email. I’m glad it is working now.

  29. Hello, I’ve sent a donation, sorry for being annoying but I’m extremely excited for the Golf lol

    1. Hi, thanks for your support, i just came back home now, and i sent to you the download links. Enjoy

  30. Hi Tommy, wanted to talk to you about a specific request. Appreciate if you can contact me through twitter DM. My user is @diegogrogel


    1. Hi , i can’t contact you atm through twitter dm, i got a message “you can’t be messaged”.

  31. I pay 3.5 euro but I forgot to type X1 and Cupra TCR car

    1. Thanks, i got it. And for Assetto Corsa?

      1. yes AC

  32. Hi Tommy, I just donated 15 euros but didn’t put down x2 for all the cars and tracks for rfactor2. It didn’t give me an option to leave a message. Could you email me the download links

    1. Hi Jake,
      Thank you for your support. I sent to you the download links.

  33. Hi Tommy,
    I donated 14 euros for rF2. Could you email me the download links?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jack,
      Can you please write me the email address you sent me the donation?


      1. My email address is as277811984558@gmail.com
        Thank you!

      2. Yes, i sent for this email address yesterday. But now i send again in a minute. Please let me know if you got it.

      3. OK, I will check it again in an hour.

      4. I sent to you, you can check it now.

      5. I checked my email, but I didn’t get it.
        Could you check the email address again?

      6. Yes, i checked and the same as you wrote, i copied from PayPal.

      7. OK, Thank for your help.

  34. Hi,

    I have donated 14 euro for the files. Can you send them to me please?

    my email is ekchina23@gmai.com


    1. I sent to you. Did you got it?

  35. for the triple update how much should I donate?

    1. You can donate one by one, or all seven cars together. It is up to you.

  36. Just bought full pack for rFactor 2.
    Any ideas on witch project will you release next? (If any)

    1. I reply to you via email. Please check it.

  37. Buy and test, I love the WTCR and this mod is amazing, good job

    1. Thanks for your support, and feedback. I’m glad you like it.

      1. the AI is maybe a little too slow otherwise nothing wrong.

      2. You can change the strength and agression of the AI.

  38. Hi Tommy, I donated 14 Euros for the TCR pack for Asetto Corsa some time ago but have not received the download link. The email is roland.tomek@gmail.com. I can provide the transaction ID if necessary. Thank you!

    1. Hi Roland, when did you donate, and from which email address? Can you please let me know?

      1. Ok, i found you. And i sent to you on 10th of september. But now i sent to you again.

  39. Hi, something isn’t working right, because I didn’t receive a mail on September 10th from you nor did I receive one today. I also checked my Spam folder and my filters, but there’s nothing in there. I have a second email address, lefacebook@gmx.at if that is a possibility?

    1. Hi again, I think I found something. Looks like Gmail automatically added your shared folder to my Google Drive without telling me. So all seems fine, sorry to bother you!

      1. Thanks to sharing this info.

  40. Hi again, I think I found something. Looks like Gmail added your shared folder to my Google Drive without telling me, so it has been there all along. Thanks again and sorry to bother you!

  41. Hi Tommy, I made a X1 donation. I choose Golf TCR 2018 for rFactor2. My email is felirrari@yahoo.com.br. Thanks from Brazil!

    1. Hi Felipe, Thanks for your support. I already sent to you the download link. Did you got it?

  42. Tried last weekend the only 3 rfactor 2 cars released so far for better understanding on how to have similar performance (Audi and VW have similar timelap on nurburgring gp variant with no changes on bop. Honda is +1s slower so will need bop changes to match others). Will probably try for better balance this weekend. No news on the other cars release?

    1. Try different tracks as well. But we will balance the cars when all 7 will be done. Another two cars almost ready, but we are waiting some technical datas.

  43. Hi Tommy,

    I really love your work. Hockenheim is a great Track.
    I completly swaped to rfactor 2 because of the developement of this game, real Weather and Day and Night transition.

    So for me it is very important if your TCR 2018 Mod for rFactor 2 has working Wipers and the rain is setting down on windows like in the DLC Cars.

    There is a Mod already in Workshop without that and very poor rendering. I guess this one has nothing to do with your mod.

    Looking forward to hear from you. And please continue your work. Will be awesome for some 24h races to have really good working TCR Cars.

    1. The mod include all real 2018 liveries, of course working wipers animation, rain on the carbody and glasses. BoP upgrade system, and when all cars will be release will include an endurance packages.

  44. Tommy, I am trying to find an email address in order to contact you in regards to our Sim Community running a league with your WTCR cars on rFactor 2 – however I can not find an email address anywhere on your website (only a link to your PayPal). Can you please contact me or leave me an email address to discuss? Thanks

    1. Hi Matthew,

      My email address is tpongracz1978@gmail.com.

  45. Hello Tommy78
    Je viens de faire un don pour rfactor2 pour le pack X2 wtcr 2018

  46. Hi mate. Sent you a couple of emails. Did you get them?

  47. Hi Tommy

    I already purchased some of your rF2 work and I am happy to see that there is another car of my youth available: the DTM GSI.

    As I am an enthusiast of the Group 5 I would like to ask if there is any chance to see the Ford Zakspeed Capri of the early 80ies available for rF2?

    This would be a pleasure among other cars of that time.

    Regards, Dietmar

    1. Hi Dietmar,

      It’s one of my all time favourite car, so it will be possible in the future.

      1. Hi Tommy

        This would be very nice … I am familiar with car modding or things like that in any simulation (I have done some of my own fictional skins) and already tried to convert cars from rF1 to rF2 but without luck (you also need to know about the techniques).

        Regards, Dietmar

      2. Hi Tommy

        This would be very nice … I am not familiar with car modding or things like that in any simulation (I have done some of my own fictional skins) and already tried to convert cars from rF1 to rF2 but without luck (you also need to know about the techniques).

        Regards, Dietmar

  48. A clarification on my message from 1 hr ago…

    At that moment I had tested the two first car on the list (M3 and Mustang) and they’re AI is really slow… the AI of other cars instead is acceptable and that leads to a situation where the small Opel Kadett gains even 10seconds a lap on the BMWs or Mustangs

    Anyway, I can mod and solve this on my own adjusting power and ballast… even though I’m looking forward for the last car and next updates.

    Thank you for your work.

    1. Of course, there will be a BoP after I release the last car.

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