AC DTM 1991 v1.3 Update

Released the v1.3 DTM 1991 Update for Assetto Corsa


  • Fixed RF Wheel graphics offset typo (Mustang)
  • Fixed LR Wheel rate in the setup.ini (V8 Evo)
  • Fixed showing Lo-Res Cockpit in the showroom (V8 Evo)
  • Fixed wrong tyre brand on car No. 11,12,13,14,28 (M3 Evo)
  • Fixed wrong front grille colour on car No. 11,12 (M3 Evo)
  • added wiper+window config into the ext_config.ini (All cars)
  • Added working rain and dry tyre texture animation on track in the ext_config.ini (All cars)
  • Re-rendered Ambient Occlusion Map on all brand, and changed on all 55 liveries
  • Updated ui.json file, so all of my cars will have “T78” prefix, so will be easier to find the content through content manager, then follow the car name, then the series if present, and the last will be the year of the car.
  • Added new preview images
  • New spotter guide for the 1991 season

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