AC – Mustang GT DTM v1.1 update released

Added the last livery with the BBS rim from ’91. To see the new rim on the #51 livery, you need CM.


4 thoughts on “AC – Mustang GT DTM v1.1 update released

  1. Howdy,

    I have just bought this mode from you (21/07/20), but only have the 4 skins for it. i have content manager, how do I unlock the BBS rims for 51?


    1. Hi, in the content manager you can’t see the BBS rims, just on the track.

  2. ah,
    nevermind – i see it appears when you select the car in race in CM. I was confused as it did not appear in showroom.

  3. thank you, saw your reply at same time as my post.

    Nice car BTW – i also love your OMEGA.

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