F40 LM Assetto Corsa version released!

AC – F40 LM v1.0

  • 1050kg
  • 720HP
  • 706Nm
  • 2,6bar turbo pressure
  • 2.9l V8 twin-turbo engine
  • 30 liveries
  • dynamic lights (turnsignal, reverse, interior)
  • visual damage
  • wobbling exhaust
  • extension physics
  • rain and slick tires (visual+physical)
  • animated wiper to work properly with CSP

To work properly you have to install:

  • Content Manager
  • SOL 1.5
  • Custom Shader Patch

Special thanks for @Hillclimber12 for the sound and @x4fab for many new features like CM and CSP.

You can find the car in my webshop


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