New car release together with the LeMans F40 Competition!

The new car has arrived, and coming together with the LeMans competition!

The new car release coming together with the „LeMans Competition” This is an „early access” for the car, where you can win €200 euros overall. The entry fee is €10 euros which include the price of the car, and to race for the €200.

The Pre-Qualifiyng start today, and close on 1st. of April 20:00 CET

If we reach more than 60 drivers, the prize-pool €200 (Top3 drivers), if we are less than 60, only the winner get the €100

If we reach the 60 drivers, there will be 2 qualifying session on 3rd. of April.

Q1 : start @ 20:00 CET (1hour session) Drivers from Pre-Q: 31-60

Q2 : start @ 21:15 CET (1hour session) Drivers from Pre-Q: 1-30

If less than 60 drivers, there will be only 1 qualifying session on 3rd. of April.

Q : start @ 20:00 CET (1hour session) Drivers from Pre-Q: Top30

After the two session, the top30 drivers from the 60 can race for the prize.

The race will be on 4th. of April:

Warm-Up start @ 19.30 CET (you have 30 minutes to join the server)

RACE: start @ 20:00 CET (Formation lap and rolling start)

Race length: 2,4h (10x time acceleration)

Weather: Sunny

Damage: 50%

Aids: only clutch

Server name and password attached to the download link in the shop.

You must use your real name on the server. Anyone who not use we not accept the laptime.

If your name is different on your paypal, please send me a note, because i have to know who is who, and who can join, or win the race etc.

There will be live admins on the race, which will be broadcasting on Youtube.

Short Rules:

Drive safely and respect other drives, try to not causing collision, don’t cut the track, keep the speed limit in the pit. If you are faster you have enough place and to overtake, do not make dangerous maneuver.

Good Luck guys!

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