Honda Civic TypeR TCR released for rFactor2

Available the first car for rFactor2.

  • 8 real life liveries (4k)
  • Fully customizable BOP (engine power from 90% to 102,5%, ballast from -60kg to +60kg, ride height from 60mm to 100mm, compensation weight from 0 to 60kg)

Special thanks to zolee145 for the physics and sound update!

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6 thoughts on “Honda Civic TypeR TCR released for rFactor2

  1. wow!! wait a long time for this!

    1. Finally is here 🙂

  2. where is the download link,thanks

    1. Just go to the download section, and simply click the donate button. Then enter the price, which is depend on how many cars would like to buy. You can check the donation tiers to find out which one is good for you. And please write down which platform, Assetto corsa or rFactor2.

  3. Where’s the donate button. I don’t see one on the Downloads page.

    1. You can find the car under the shop menü for both platform.

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