Honda Civic TCR interior and liveries preview

The Honda Civic TCR progress is at the final stage. The release date of the car around the next week. Here are some preview images from the upcoming car. All real life liveries will include the new car who participated in the last season.

  • #9 Tom Coronel
  • #15 James Thompson
  • #18 Tiago Monteiro
  • #42 Timo Scheider
  • #55 Ma Qing Hua
  • #63 Benjamin Lessennes
  • #68 Yann Ehralcher
  • #86 Esteban Guerrieri

3 thoughts on “Honda Civic TCR interior and liveries preview

  1. hi i see this amazing model, but I have serveral questions
    if I donate 14eur , will I receive the later-release rfactor 2 version?

    will it add 2019 cars and liveries like link & co 03 tcr?( it may donate a bit more later)

    the mod’s physics, how it feel? could it be as better as r3e’s official licensed cars?

    thank you very much~

    1. Hi, i think you asked the same on YouTube. A replied to you on YouTube. I don’t have time now to reply here as well.

  2. OK, sorry about that i didn’t notice the youtube reply, i will check it, thank you

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