MAN Race Truck Released for rFactor1

Originally i made it for rFactor2, but i moved to rFactor1, so if you want to try on this platform, you can do it. Of course you feel less than under rFactor1 engine, but i hope you will like it.

The next step is move towards this mod to AC, and i hope i can release soon on the new platform.


2 thoughts on “MAN Race Truck Released for rFactor1

  1. Thank you

  2. Still i can run it ,o yes , it was not easy to install it , don tknow if i was good to install it
    but now it s work fine , and i play this mod every day . Realy pleasant to drive , and i love the sound pack u made , great work . Many thx , .i m working some skins at the moment .

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